“I am currently developing a portfolio of originals, using pigmented wax, oil and mixed media, which are going to be exclusively available from Whitewall Galleries.

It’s an exciting process as each piece is individually created with layers and layers of wax, sandwiched between the layers are pieces of art, photography and memorabilia; the wax creates a beautiful translucent depth like no other medium.

My aim with my new work is to create a landscape for my sculpture. Once I have layered wax onto a board and it is cool, the wax can then be manipulated. It is very sculptural; as with my sculpting I use the same tools and build up layers, creating line pattern, texture, depth and colour.

Encaustic art enables me to fuse all of my creative passions together, using an endless variety of mixed media. I have always had a passion for experimenting with different materials and how they react with each other, finding different ways of creating texture and depth to my work,

Encaustic Art goes back centuries, from the ancient Greek, enkaustikos, means “to heat” or to burn. The oldest surviving encaustic panel paintings are the Romano-Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits.”

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