Born in Wolverhampton in 1971, Jennine studied art and design, then specialised in graphic design at Stourbridge College of Art where she gained a BTEC National Diploma. This led to a successful career in graphic design working in design agencies for 20 years designing Branding and marketing.

A love of all things ceramic led her to study further at Monshill College in Dudley, where she discovered her passion for sculpting “being creative in this way gives me an immense feeling of fulfillment; to start with nothing and create an inspiring form that arouses emotion and brings pleasure into someone’s life”

She subsequently chose to work as a freelance graphic designer, enabling her to focus on her passion for sculpting and painting – creating her fine art in her own studio in rural Kenilworth.

Her work has been exhibited and sold all over the UK, in particular her collection entitled “Evolve” which toured in 2006. One of Jennine’s sculptures named “Demure” is a favourite of Crispian Sallis (son of actor Peter Sallis), where the sculpture will be featured in the upcoming British film “Legend”, It is currently being filmed in the UK and is due for release in 2015.

Jennine Parker

“Both creative sides of me overlap, I love having the tight structure and business side of Graphics, combined with the creative freedom and excitement of sculpture and art which I need to fulfil my creative appetite. Many ideas materialise from no where but I know the seeds were planted and worked on subconsciously from places
I have been or experiences I encounter daily.

“As far back as I can remember I have been very creative, always drawing and making. From the age of 7 to 21 dance and Gymnastics played a large part in my life, this I feel without much thought plays a huge role in my work, expressing movement, shape, curves and lines.

I enjoy going to galleries all over the world to look at other artists work. One of my key influencer and inspirations comes from one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists Alberto Giacometti, his stunning pieces convey energy and radiant presence, I also get great joy from Rodin, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Peter Hayes to name but a few.

My passion is the human form, I like to do as much life drawing as possible, it is arguably the most difficult process which an artist will encounter, but it encourages strong observation and is the foundation to the structure of my work.  When Sculpting I try to capture the living world, my pieces communicate life, movement and personality, by creating simple lines and shape of which the human figure creates many.  This approach offers the viewer the ability to empathise with my work, bringing it to life their own stories and memories.

I see shapes in everything around me, from patterns in knotted wood to shapes that inanimate objects make. I take lots of photographs of weathered stones and walls which can inspire the textured finish to a piece of my work . My affinity is with clay and this is the main material I like to work with, but depending on the type of sculpture I want to produce, sometimes this necessitates me working in wax or plaster, using and experimenting with different materials changes the look and dynamics of my work. I also combine all of my skills when painting, using wax in my work I use the same tools as I do when sculpting overlaying fabrics and creating texture.