My passion is the human form; sculpting and drawing the male and female goes back centuries capturing the living world around us. This gives me all the inspiration I need, the concept of male and female so different but one of the same. My sculptures communicate life, movement and personality, by creating simple lines this gives a sense of individuality, – allowing the viewers to empathise with my work bringing to life their own stories and memories.

The human figure creates perfect lines and curvaceous interesting shapes pleasing to the eye, giving me ideas for contemporary individual abstract works.

Sculpting has no rules, I like to extend the boundaries of more traditional sculpture animated with movement, passion and sensibility. I am interested in capturing personal moments created by the path we choose to take in life.

I see shapes in everything around me, from patterns in knotted wood to the endless shapes that objects create. I take many photographs weathered stones and walls can inspire the textured finish to a piece of work .

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